About Me, the Company, and the Home Business

I hope you've enjoyed your visit so far, and have picked up some information to help you decide on the best home based business for you. Now, I'd like to tell you a bit about me and my commitment to you should you decide to work with us.

I came to a point in my life a few years ago when I realized that what I wanted was freedom. Freedom from strict hours on a job, freedom from financial worries, and freedom to call my own shots and work when and where I wanted to.

I looked at many options, including most of the traditional businesses such as franchises. I realized that I didn't have the capital necessary to fund such a business startup. I also knew, deep down, that starting a franchise operation was much like buying a job. Sure, you had "your own business", but with that business came long hours and much more responsibility than a job.

I knew about MLM and network marketing, but quite frankly wasn't thrilled because I thought of it in one word - "Amway". I wanted no part of that.

I kept looking into it, though, and realized that everything was pointing in that direction for me. I wanted some things -

  • Flexibility
  • Freedom
  • More than a "job" income
  • Personal growth and self-improvement
  • Residual income

Network marketing seemed to make perfect sense, but I had to overcome some skepticism first. I'm glad I did, because this business has been very good to me.

I've been fortunate to learn a lot in this journey. How to choose a good opportunity, how to build a successful business, and how to teach others to do the same. I have a generic network marketing business site where I share tips and strategies that anyone can use to help build any business. This is one way I try to give back a little to the industry that has been so good to me.

If you choose to work with me, what can you expect?

I understand what being a good sponsor means and how important it is to work together as a team. Once you sign up, we'll set up a time to talk about you and what you want and expect from your new business. What I will do is help you set up an action plan for building your business that works for you and your lifestyle. I'm not interested in forcing you to build your business any one certain way. There are lots of ways you can be successful.

We won't make things complicated. I believe this is a simple business that can be built by focusing on just a few fundamental actions that are proven to help you make money and be successful. This is why I named this site "Simple Home Business Idea" because I want to stress that. There will be no complicated, hard to understand stuff here.

Training and good support is very important in network marketing. MY success in network marketing does depend a lot on what I do, but ultimately it is the combined action of our team that makes us successful. Not one of us can do it alone. You will find that my approach to this business and my coaching style reflects this attitude.

At this point, I hope you've been able to visualize a little of what we have here. You are on the verge of watching something special unfold. Even better, you are positioned to gain tremendously from the amazing things that are unfolding.

Now, on to the company and opportunity...

When I started this business, I wanted something simple and easy to understand. I'd seen so many people start a network marketing home business and drop out because things were complicated.

  • products that lack simplicity (must be explained or justified)
  • hard to understand, complicated compensation plans
  • unfocused training and "path to success" programs

Our product is simple, everyone understands it, and most people use it daily.

And, we are international so most likely this opportunity is available to you wherever you live!

I would like to invite you to take a look at what we have to offer. Please get back with me to discuss the potential for working with our team to create a brighter future!

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