Our Simple Home Business and Why It Works

Thanks for making it this far!

You've learned how trends and timing are critical in your choice of a home business opportunity. I have a strong interest and passion for coaching others (maybe you) to success in a home business.

When I chose the company I work with, I considered the four key business principles we discussed earlier. Here is how my business fits in.

  • Large and growing market - we have products that are already purchased and consumed in almost 100% of homes. Our market is expanding and growth is assured for years to come.
  • Unique, consumable products - these products are consumed daily and purchased regularly. They are unique, and have been popular for many years.
  • Excellent timing and trends - these products have potential health benefits and are purchased at all economic levels by both men and women.
  • Employ others so you get more done - our business model uses network marketing. This means you are paid on your efforts and have the ability to build a team, where everyone benefits by working together. Win-Win in the classic sense. Think about this - what if you put in ten hours a week working your business, and had 100 others on your team doing the same? That would be 1000 hours of work each week on your behalf. Would that get your attention?

Think about some of the other products that are out there. You've seen many of these during your search for the right home business. Are they in the early stages of a powerful trend, or at the tail end?

People are tired of the same old thing in MLM, Network Marketing, and Internet Marketing -

  • Juice and Nutritional Programs - they are everywhere and most are promoted as "me too" products
  • High dollar ($100+) monthly autoship programs required to be involved in the business
  • Too much inventory coming in with little ability to sell it or recover the cost
  • "Downline Builder Systems" promising great income for little effort, but delivering nothing but debt
  • Too much promotion and hype trying to suck people in by creating a fear of loss

Why would Warren Buffett buy a Direct Sales/Network Marketing business and say "it's the best investment I've ever made"? The answer is easy - because it's a business model that works, and will work for you if you put in the effort. I will be here to coach and train you all the way from startup to success!

Ready to learn more about our simple home business, my story, and how you'll fit in?

About the Company and Me

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Eldon Beard
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